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Clevedent Dental Equipment

Make Your Work Day Both More Productive and Easier at the Same Time with the Clevedent Treatment Delivery System!

1. When you use a Clevedent Treatment Delivery System, you are able to have everything within your reach. This can dramatically and effortlessly increase your productivity and efficiency.

The next time you see a patient, notice how many times you have to pause to reach something, or twist your body, or how often your assistant has to do that. If you could eliminate all those unnecessary motions, you would have less stress and high productivity. That’s the basic concept behind the Clevedent Motion-Saver High-Speed Work Station.

What will you do with the extra time (an estimated 40 minutes per day)? You can either get more dentistry done with less stress, or you can go home early! If you choose to get more dentistry done, depending upon the type of procedures you do, that could easily translate into anywhere from $100.00 to $1,500.00/day increased productivity. For a 4-day work week that could represent $400.00 to $6,000.00/week. Monthly that could easily represent $1,600.00 to $24,000.00 increased productivity.

2. You also make things easier for your assistant. If you have a new assistant, training time is greatly reduced. And your experienced assistant will experience less stress, shorter set-up times, and more productivity.

3. Equip your Treatment Delivery System for optimum performance. You have total flexibility as to how you equip your Treatment Delivery System…Ultrasonics, Endodonics, Electronics, Electrosurg, Intraoral, Digital.

4. You can work with your assistant or alone.

5. The Clevedent Treatment Delivery System is the biggest change in dental equipment in years. It was designed, developed and battle tested by a no-nonsense, efficiency conscious dentist who sees patients every day…not some interior designer who could care less about the efficiency. The Clevedent Treatment Delivery System is a result of years of experience, prototypes and experimentation. It is simple, highly functional, highly effective, and it just plain works!